Step:1   Selection of Marble Slab


selection of stone(2)At Dhaval Sculpture, the first step of preparing the statues is the selection of high quality material. We are committed to producing best quality products, and use only the best available marble for our sculptures. The marbles we pick are white, robust, and with little waves in them which makes the marble suitable for carving.


Step:2   Carving of  The Statues


After the selection of quality marble, it’s then sent to the factory for carving of the sculpture. Here, our skilled craftsmen who come from a long-line of professional artisans, breathe life into the marble and convert it into a beautiful idol. Each statue is made by hand, essentially making each piece unique and having its own personality.


Step:3   Polishing of the Carved Sculpture

Once the statue has been carved at the factory, it is sent to the polishing department where it is polished to give it a smooth exterior. This is accomplished with the help of various polishing stones by experienced professionals.


Step:4  Final Beautification of The Marble Statues


The final step in the production process at Dhaval Sculpture is beautification of the polished statue. In this step, the idols are colored and adorned with apparels and jewelery. This step ensures that our statues look authentic and beautiful once they are installed in your home.


Step:5   Packing & Transportation

Once the above steps are completed, the statue is ready to be shipped.

To ensure that the orders reach our customers in perfect condition, Dhaval Sculpture takes special care to package the statues carefully in wooden crates and then ships these religious idols all over the world.