Dhaval Sculpture Professional Packing Method :

We use the foam injection system which ensures that the statue is completely protected and will not move during shipping.

Below are the details of each step used in our packing method:

Step 1: First we line a good quality Wooden or Card board box with a layer of film.

Step 2: Then we take our foam injection gun and inject the liquid foam into the box till an even layer covers the bottom of the box.

Step 3: Once the foam slowly starts to rise, we cover it with the film to contain it.

Step 4: When the foam is completely covered by the film, we place the statue carefully on the foam so that it only touches the protective film. The slowly rising foam gently pushes the statue deeper into the foam. This ensures that all parts of the statue are surrounded by the protective foam layer which minimizes the chance of damage during transit.

Step 5: Next, we make another foam block while the statue and first foam block are covered with the film.

Step 6: After the liquid foam is injected into empty spaces, it starts to rise slowly and gets covered with the extra film surrounding it, ensuring that the statue is securely contained.

Step 7: Now we close the box before the foam expands too much. The foam continues to grow inside the box and fills in all the empty spaces inside it.

Step 8: The box is then taped securely with a high quality glue tape for a secure, tamper proof seal.

The statue is now safely packed inside the box and is ready for shipping!

Packing Materials:

Our statues are packed in heavy pine wooden box with liquid foam packing. For wooden temples we use thermocol sheets, while for marble temples we use EP foam sheets along with the necessary packing materials.